Logo Work


We love logos! Whether bringing a new brand to life, breating life into an obsolete logo, or extending an already successful brand...we get excited about creating a collaborative solution, one that compliments the company strategy.

Our creative process starts with a conversation. We'll discuss your company, competitive advantages, and vision for your brand. CSD will then provide you with a customized brand identity questionnaire to help facilitate a discussion about visual preferences. The survey most always includes colors you feel strongly about (or hate), the voice of your brand, companies that have positioned themselves similiarly in other business sectors, and all sorts of fun questions . Then we design.

The CSD creative process is unique, our "salsa approach" provides clients with mild, medium, and spicy designs options. By comparing the diverse design directions, we're able to identify successful elements, eliminate off-target ideas, and look for improvements to be made in a second round. Through targeted rounds of client feedback, we collaborate to create a truely customized logo. See other logo examples and learn more about the process.

We Provided

  • Custom Logo Designs
  • Refreshed Logo Designs
  • Logo File Packages
  • Multi-level Branding Systems
  • Brand Usage Guidelines